Our house is ideal for all types of celebrations and gatherings, whether you have a cottage nearby and want to celebrate with us or if you have invited your friends for a trip and are in need of rooms and a location for your party. We will not mind setting the table for up to a hundred guests.

Birthday? Confirmation? Wedding? Babtism? Won the lottery? Jubilee? New job? New girlfriend/boyfriend? New car? New house? Passed your exam? Got a wage increase? Made a good deal?

Life provides us with many opportunities to celebrate. With more than 50 years experience, we dare say that we can handle it. Whatever the occation is.

Let the celebration last “three days till end” – invite your friends and acquaintances to spend a whole weekend in the mountains and let your guest pay for parts of the stay. (The fewest of us have a big enough wallet to pay for everything.) This way, we get to spend more time with good friends. This is much better than seeing each other just for a short time. You will have TIME toghether, and that is a rare thing. Let us make a suggestion for a memorable and fun jubilee/celebration.

Invite your family, friends and acquaintances and enjoy each other’s company on hiking trips and joints activities – and let us attend to the boring, but necessary chores such as doing the dishes, cleaning and cooking.

These are some of the possibilities in Grønolen Fjellgard. There are no boundaries, only the limits of our imagination. Give us som key words about what you would like to arrange, and we will give you an offer.

Party of friends or gathering of relatives