Culinary delights

Food is our main focus. Bon apetite

Nothing enhances our apetites as nature and the fresh mountain air of Beito. Our ambition is to provide our guests with a taste sensation they will not easily forget. You will enjoy gourmet meals and simple traditional food based on fresh and healthy raw materials of the best quality. Our kitchen will present you with thrilling flavours and sents that will give you associations to distans skies as well as more familiar places. We use local, natural raw materials from our closest surroundings.

The panorama view from the dinner table also inspires the chef and makes the menu exquisiting and varied.You will be surprised by the different and exciting taste sensations here in the mountains.

You will also be served tasteful beverages if you would like. Our guests are often comfortable in our atmosphere and will remain seated at the table for a long time.

Our house is also ideal for birhtdays, jubilees and other anniversaries, whether you have a cottage nearby and want to celebrate with us or if you have invited your friends for a trip and are in need of rooms and a location.

We have very pleasant premises and we will not mind setting the table for a hundred guests.

All meals are prepared by our chef, Øyvind Grønolen.



We often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that has its reason. A good breakfast is a good start of the day, because after a long night, it is important to refill your energy storage both in terms of body and mind.

Since breakfast is so important, we have a very generous breakfast buffet here at Grønolen. A lot of it is home made or prepared by local producers. We serve newly baked bread, fresh fruit and healthy cereals. This will prepare you for the meeting with the Norwegian wilderness.


We serve a generous lunch buffet with hot and cold courses and a variety of desserts and cheese.


We normally serve a three-course supper. Some nights we offer a buffet with cold and hot courses and a variety of cheese and desserts.

Our half-pension, according to the ordinary pricelist, includes:

  • – a healthy and generous breakfast buffet
  • – throughout the day: coffee, tea, fresh mountain water and fresh fruit. Maybe even a homemade cake with the afternoon tea.
  • – a three-course supper


Special requests

For those in need of a particular diet (diabetes, gluten, food allergies etc.) or other requests, i.e. vegetarian food, please let us know in advance, preferably when you make your reservation.

We do not have a fixed children’s menu, but we are also inclined to please out little guests’ palate. Therefore, we are happy to make the most common children’s courses, if you order in advance.

The time schedule for our meals is of course flexible and can be adjusted to different groups’ needs.

Evening meal 18:30–19:30:

Lunch 13:30–14:30 (for groups / pre-ordered)

Breakfast 08:00–10:00: