Environmental certification

We at Grønolen Fjellgard feel a responisibility for the environment. A responsibility that is growing due to the fact that more and more people visit us – with the potential negative environmental consequences for the vulnerable mountain landskape because of the trafic. Consequently, we at Grønolen Fjellgard are serious about our environmental commitment. Not just in theory, but also in the day-to-day work. Grønolen Fjellgard is certified as an environmental business – and by low consumption, reduction of waste and saving energy, we feel that we make an effort that matters.


How can you help?

Turn off the lights every time you leave the room or the bath room

Turn down the heat on the day of your departure – or if your are taking a walk

Towels: There are only one set of towels at the rooms, and Grønolen do not change these even if you stay longer than one night. However, do you need an extra towel, do not hesitate to come by the reception.

Recycling for those who stay in the flats: When you clean the flat before departure, make sure you sort your waste at the environmental waste stations.

Thank you for your cooperation – from us at Grønolen!