Gala menues


Suggestions for banqueting menues

This is a suggestion of menues that you can choose from. This is of course just a small selection of courses. You can also choose something completely different. We have chosen to compose our menu based on the raw materials of the season. It is of course possible to obtain almost anything all year round, but we recommend – also tastewise, to try the menu of the season. But, most importantly, we want YOU to have a successful party/celebration. Contact us, and we will put together a menu of your choice.



Menu no. 1:

Smoked salamon on warm rosti potatoes

Salad with sour cream and lemon


Grilled chicken breast

and creamy mushrooms, courgette

Onions and paprika



Chocolate mousse


Menu no 2:

Garlic marinated shrimps

on a bed of lettuce



Grilled medallions of pork

Creamy paprika sauce

Sautéed vegetables


Baked pineapple

with cinnamon ice cream and raspberry coulis


Menu no. 3:

Shrimps with avocado cream

Garden cress oil and sour cream dressing



Roasted pork filled with cream cheese

and apples boiled in cream

sugar peas


Passion fruit mousse

with syrup of reglise and fresh berries


Menu no. 4:

Cured salmon served on a bed of lettuce

Mustard dressing

Croutons toasted in thyme


Fillet of lamb seasoned with rosemary


Ratatouille with potato squares

Oil of basil and fried selleri


Menu no. 5:

Herb terrin with fresh asparagus



Whole roasted veal, sirloin

Champignon sauce

Spring vegetables steamed in butter


Fresh berries of the season



Menu no. 6:

Salad with watermelon and olives

Red onions and feta


Lamb chops

Creamy courgettes, eggplant, paprika and tomato

Potatoes in cocotte, gratinated in cream


White chocolate mousse

Fresh raspberries


Menu no. 7:

Toasted brissel of veal topped with lettuce

Smoked salmon and shrimps

Herb vinaigrette


War smoked salmon on potato stu

Flavoured with dill and lemon

Creamy leek


Medallions of veal

Creamy sauce

Spring vegetables, steamed in butter


Lime mousse with rhubarb sorbet

Almond snap



Autumn and winter menus

Menu no. 8:

Cured fillet of rein deer

Sour cream with lingonberry


Toasted fillets of Norwegian Arctic Charr

Sour cream sauce with leek and paprika. Green lettuce with vinegar and pink pepper


French apple tart

Whipped cream



Menu no. 9:

Cured ham on warm slices of apple

Garden cress and walnuts



Baked fillets of trout

Chilled creamy herb sauce

Sugar pees steamed in butter, cucumber and red onions


Millefeuille with vanilla cream

Fresh berries


Menu no. 10:

Cured trout

Sauce with dill


Provencal seasoned lamb shank



Creamy potatoes, gratinated


Warm soup of forest berries

Vanilla ice cream


Menu no. 11:

Smoked salmon on a bed of tzatziki


Sirloin wrapped in bacon

Toasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, broccoli

Sauce Bernaise

Potato skins


Crème brûlée


Menu no. 12:

Blini with wipped cream with herbs



Medallions of rein deer

Cream sauce

Apple with rowan berries gello

Toasted mushroom, broccoli


White chocolate mousse

Mango puree

Fresh berries and fruits


Menu no. 13:

Green, fresh asparagus with cream with herbs

Crispy fried smoked cured ham


Toasted monkfish

Sauce of beetroot

Red onions, sugar pees, courgette


Fruits marinated in liqueur on vanilla cream

in cocotte with a top of merengue


Menu no. 14:

Salmon and avocado tartar

blended with chives

Salad with herb vinaigrette


Orange marinated duck chest

Red cabbage with apples and broccoli

Rosti potatoes


Cappuccino flavoured ice cake

With pears and passion fruit


Menu no. 15:

Baked trout fillet

Herb sauce


A variety of venison steaks (rain deer medallion, deer fillet and grouses’ chest)

Root vegetables cooked in butter, broccoli

Puree of potato and selleri


Liqueur parfait on nutty ground



Menu no. 16:

Scampi served with topps of green asparagus

Sauce Noilly Prat



Mousse of grouse on a bed of lettuce

Sauce Cumberland

Croutons toasted in thyme


Lime sorbet with Marc De Gewürztraminer


Medallions of rein deer, served on a bed of butter fried root vegetables

Cream sauce

Lingonberry jam


Soufflé of liquer flavored ice cream and cloudberry coulis

Fresh berries



We have a wide selection of wines of different price ranges.


Spring and summer menues