Grønolen from A-Z


There are numerous possibilities for activities in the area. Ask at the reseption or check the summer or winter programme for Beitostølen.


By standard hotell regulations, the room/flat will be at your disposal from 15:00 the day you arrive. If the room is ready sooner, you will of course be able to check in earlier. Occationally, on busy days, the room will not always be ready at 15:00. We kindly ask for your understanding.


The bank Øystre Slidre Sparebank has a branch office at Beitostølen, in the same building as the petrol station, Esso. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00–15:00. Additionally, you will find an ATM for cash withdrawls. To some extent, you can also make a withdrawl at the reception desk.


We have a bar with all privileges. We serve brandy between 13:00 and 02:00. Wine and beer is avaliable anytime at your request, when you are staying with us.

Board games:

We have different board games for rent in the reception.

Bus schedules:

Please ask at the reception.

Car repair shops:

Most car dealers have a repair shop at Fagernes, but the closest garage for small repairs is at Heggenes, Sebu Bil. They also represent the local car rescue services, NAF and Viking Redningstjeneste. In the summer, the NAF rescue service will be avaliable in the area Beitostølen–Valdresflya–Gjendesheim. Contact the reception for the phone number.

Childen’s chair/bed:

Ask at the reception or in the dining hall; we have these avaliable.

Church service/churches:

Contact the reception, and we will help you find the churches that arranges church services.

Conference rooms:

We have capasity for up to 25 people. For larger groups, we can use the assembly hall / dining room, but this is not ideal.

Credit cards:

We accept Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard and other credit cards attached to these. You can also use your regular bank card at the reception.


Fortunately, we have never experience theft, but if you wish, you can deposite your money/valuables in the reception.


The closest dentist is situated at Heggenes, phone number 61 34 00 89.


The check-out time is at noon on the day of your departure, if nothing else is arranged. If you would like to spend some more time in the area, we will of course be of help keeping your lugage until you leave.


Are you, because of a disease or for other reasons, dependant on any type of special food, please contact the kitchen or the reception.


Public health service at Heggenes, phone number +47 61 35 29 00.

Public holidays and evenings: Valdres clinic, phone number +47 61 36 10 44, who keeps track of the doctors on duty.

The closest doctor is at Beitostølen rehabilitation sports centre, phone number +47 61 34 20 00, but they are not part of the public health service, and are only to be contacted if there is an EMERGENCY.

Drinking water:

You can drink water right out of the tap. We have our own water supply, drilled straight from the ground. The drinking water and its sources are inspected on a regular basis and satisfy the demands of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.


Grønolen Fjellgard is certifies as an environmental business.

We have switched to heating pumps for heating.

We wish to do our best to take care of the environment. We try to reduce the amount of waste by limiting the use of disposable equipment, and encouraging our suppliers to recycle.

We also need your help in this effort, for little details such as turning off the lights on your room/flat when you are out and turn down the heat in stead of opening the window when your room is too hot. And by considering using your towel once more before you change it. If you stay in one of the the flats, we kindly ask you to recycle your waste in the different containers in the garage. Thank you for your cooperation!


The nearest farmacy is situated in Fagernes, but there is a medicine outlet at the SPAR grocery store at Beitostølen. They provide the most common non-prescription pharmaceuticals.


Our fax number is +47 61 35 29 99. You can use the fax machine in the reception. Incoming faxes will be delivered to you personally or out in your personal shelf at the reception.

Hair dresser:

Trollklipp at Beitostølen, make reservation at: 61 34 14 16.

Fjell-frisør’n: 61 34 02 54.

Hair dryer:

There are hair dryers in every room/flat. If it has disappeared, we will lend you another in the reception.

In case of fire:

There are smoke detectors and fire alarms in all the rooms. If the alarm goes off: Leave the room and go to the parking space. Make sure all doors and windows are closed. If there is smoke in the corridor, go out through the window. (Unfortunately, false alarms often occur, for example because of steam from the shower. However, do not let this prevent you from investegating the cause of the alarm.) We will try to notice everyone as soon as possible, but in case of a genuine fire, we have to focus on putting out the fire, as the local fire brigade (volunteres) from Heggenes is too far away.


Our home page:

Our e-mail address:

In the mountain lodge, you can use the wireless Internet connection free of charge. If you have not brought your own computer, you can check your e-mail in the reception.


We have a relatively wide selection of books in the hall by the reception, anything from novels to mountain books. You are welcome to borrow and read these while you are staying with us. (You can also take it home with you, if you promise to return ut when you have read it.)

Luggage storage

We can keep your luggage until you check in or after you have checked out of your room. Ask in the reception.


Messages will be delievered to you personally, or put in yur personal shelf at the reception.

News papers:

The closest place to buy news papers is at Beito Landhandleri (1 kilometre (0,62 miles)). We are not able to have them delivered. However, we are at Beitostølen at least once a day, so let us know if you want us to buy them for you. Ask in the reception.


STATOIL Petrol station at Beito Landhandleri is open when the grocery store is open; 09:00–17:00 (09:00–16:00) (Sun 10:00–16:00).

Beitostølen Petrol station, ESSO, at the centre of Beitostølen is open 08:00 – 20:00 (in the summer untill 22:00).


You will find the bath house in our spa department in the main building. You can buy entrance cards in the reception.

Saving energy:

We appriciate that lights are turned off as you leave the room. (In the summer, this is also important because the light attracts insects.) In order to avoid unnecceccary emissions from washing machines, we kindly ask you to consider using your towel more than once. If you want a fresh towel, you can simply place your used towel on the bath room floor.


The closest grocery store is at Beito Landhandleri (1 kilometre (0,62 miles)). Here you will find groceries and equipment as is suitable for an old-fashioned general store. At Beitostølen, there are numerous shops in which you can find most of what your heart desires – and wallet allow… There are sports dealers, gifts shops, clothing shops, perfumery etc. etc. If you are looking for something in particular, we can give you some advice. Ask in the reception. The opening hours for most shops are 09:00–17:00 (16:00). Sundays 10:00–16:00. The grocery stores are open untill 20:00/21:00 every night, except Saturday and Sunday (18:00).


Can be bought in the reception.

Lost and found:

We keep items that are lost and found in the reception and will send them C.O.D. on request.


From time to time, we have the pleasure of offering massages in our spa department. We cooperate with Elisabeth Ruud at Beitostølen and she accepts bookings at 997 47 223.


Breakfast 08:00–10:00

(Lunch 13:30–14.30)

Dinner 18:30–19:30

These are the hours, but they can vary by season, what the different groups want etc. If in doubt, ask in the reception.


Our phone number is 61 35 29 90.

Post office:

The closest post office is located at the MIX-shop at Beitostølen. A mailman delivers the mail, and he can also take care of the most common postal services. The mail arravies at approximately 15:00. You can find a mailbox at the garage wall (red box for outgoing mail) or you can leave your mail/letters in the rexeption, and we will send them for you.

Skiing bus:

In the winter, it is possible to take the skiing bus between Beitostølen and the alpin centre in Rudalen. On signal, the bus stops at the parking space. See the poster in the reception for a time schedule.

Skiing school:

Beito-Aktiv at Beitostølen runs a skiing school with both group instruction and individual coaching. Book at 61 35 15 60.

Ski rental:

You can rent your skis at Beitostølen. They have a large selection of skiing equipment for rent. You can find the price list in the winter programme for Beitostølen. You can also rent pulkas and other articles.


In our 220 square meters large spa department, there is a bathhouse, relaxation room with a “starry sky” and an outdoor area with the possibility for snowbathing in the winter and a nice sitting area in the summer.

There is a steam bath, a gym with a spinning bike, a rowing machine and a treadmill in addition to mats for stretching and relaxing.

Pool area with a countercurrent pool, a massaging pool and a seating area. There are dressing rooms for men and women, and toilets.,br /> The bathhouse is common, so you need to use swim wear or a towel.

Entrance cards can be bought in the reception, big towels and bath robes are for rent.p>


There is an indoor swimming pool at SAS Radisson, Beitostølen.

The pool is 12 x 25 metres. Opening hours 07:00–21:00.

Public swimming also at Beitostølen rehabilitation sports centre, ask the reception for opening hours.


Taxi and taxi vans at Beitostølen, phone number 965 00 245.

Or booking by e-mail (minimum 24 hours in advance)


It is not necessary to tip in Norway, but if you want to reward good service or seomthing else, you are welcome to give a donation at the reception. The tips will be split between all the employees.

Tourist information:

The tourist information is situated at Beitostølen, in the information building next to the petrol station, Esso.

The opening hours are seasonal, but it is mainly open frem 09:00 till 16:00.

Wake up call:

If you need to be woken up, please order a wake up call in the reception.