Our house

Our house has a lot to offer

Our house provides a high standard, a high level of service and a rural, local style. The mountain lodge is decorated by local artists and the atmosphere is distinctive and home-like. We have 110 beds in total. These are divided between 22 family, single and double rooms, equiped with a shower and toilet, and 12 cosy flats with the style and decoration of the mountain lodge.

Eight of the appartments are 48 square meters and represent a spacious alternative with two bedrooms, five beds, a living room with an open fireplace, a TV and kitchen facilities, shower/toilet. Four of these have loftrooms with mattresses for up to four children. These are adjusted to the functionally disabled.

Four flats are 90 square meters over two storeys. Three bedrooms, two shower/toilets. All flats have a terrace or a balcony.

With its hospitality and atmopsphere, the house helps you relax. The place of residence, dining hall and assembly hall are at your disposal, in addition to a guest library, a cosy cottage, and a luminous and pleasant spa department, which is 220 square meters, with a bathhouse, steam bath and a countercurrent pool with a section for massages, among other things.

We can also offer conference rooms with AV-equipment.

Pleasant family and double rooms

We offer luminous and pleasant single, double and family rooms of different sizes. The rooms are decorated with quality furniture and textiles. All rooms have shower, toilet, hair dryer and a mirror.

Spacious family flats

Our flats are modern, but decorated in the same style as the mountain lodge. They all have a great view from the terrace or balcony. The flats represent a spacious and affordable alternative.

Type A – three rooms and kitchen

You can stay in one of our eight flats, which are 48 square meters and one storey. A spacious alternative with two bedrooms, five beds, a living room, an open fireplace, a TV and a practical kitchen with a refrigerator and a dish washer. A bath room with shower/toilet, hair dryer and a mirror.

Type B – four rooms and kitchen

We can also offer four luminous, pleasant flats with three bedrooms and two bath rooms – ideal for two families, three generation families, friends or three pairs of friends. These flats are 90 square meters over two storeys. The groundfloor consists of one bedroom with a king size bed, a bunk bed, bath room with shower/toilet, hair dryer and mirror and “place of residence”, which is connected to the living room with two chairs and a small table. The flats are modernly decorated and have a balcony/terrace in two directions with sunshine both during the day and the afternoon. Additionally, there is a great view.

Groceries in the refrigerator at arrivial?

We cooperate with the grocery store Beito Landhandleri (1 kilometer (0,62 miles)) and as an extra service for those of you who are staying in one of the flats with your own household, we can offer groceries ready in the refrigerator at your arrival.
To order, contact Beito Landhandleri:
E-mail: beitokol@online.no
Phone: 61 34 10 55
Fax: 61 34 13 95

The spa department has a nice bathhouse and steam bath. In front of the bathhouse, there is a relaxation room with a “starry sky” and an outdoor area with the possibility for snowbathing in the winter and a nice sitting area in the summer. There is also the possibility for a cold shower after taking a steam bath / sitting in the bathhouse.

There is also a spacious gym with a treadmill, rowing machine and a spinning bike, and mats for exercising, stretching and relaxing. In the pool area, there is a countercurrent pool, also with a massaging section and a seating area.

If you wish to have a massage at Grønolen – sporting massage, classical massage or aromatherapy, you need to make a reservation at:


Elisabeth Ruud

Tel. +47 9974 7223


Luminous and pleasant spa department