The seasons

A trip through the green, or the through the yellow and red…

Valdres is an eldorado for people who love nature. And here at Beito we are particularly blessed. In snug surroundings you can gaze over the beautiful Lake Øyangen, experience a magical atmosphere and stunning scenery while you plan your next expedition. In the spring and summer, the colour is green, while in the autumn, yellow and red dominate the scenery. On the doorstep of Jotunheimen, a stone’s throw away from Beitostølen, thrilling activities and well deserved rests awaits all year round.

When the mountains clear away the winter-coating, it is time for mountain climbing, rafting, gorge crossing and elk safari. If you have a car, you can visit the fiords in Western Norway or travel across the Valdresflya to Midt-Gudbrandsdalen – the land of Peer Gynt. Or what about paddling in a canoe, going on a boat trip on the Sognefjorden, hiking on the glaciers or going horseback-riding? Try some angling, hike in the mountains or visit the farms and get at taste of life in the mountain huts. You have endless possibilities.

Skiing in Winter Wonderland

Valdres is a true eldorado for skiing enthusiasts. You choose the course, place and style, and the possibilities are never-ending. You can put your skis on just outside the door, and head out into the snowy landscape. In Raudalen, 1 kilometre (0, 62 miles) from Grønolen Fjellgard, you will find the most challenging downhill slope in the area. There are also many hills with ski tows, lifts and courses for every one in Beitostølen, no matter how skilled you are. In the pleasant winter landskape, you will find slopes through the forest, open hills and mountain slopes. For children, Beito is a magical world.

If you want to challenge yourself with tougher and more breckneck activities, you can climb a mountain top, go dog sledding, climb the glaciers or visit the snow caves. At night, you can tuck yourself in under the fur rug and go sleigh riding with horses, torches and the sound of jingling bells. It is easy to settle in at Beito.