More than 50 years of hospitality

Do we get the opportunity to wish you welcome here at Grønolen Fjellgard? Will we see you enjoy Lake Øyangen’s beautiful view? We think you should try. You can find us in a quiet area surrounded by a spectacular landscape, just a stone’s throw away from Beitostølen.

A close relation to our guests and each and everyones well-being is very important to us. Guests have told us: “Coming here is like going away, but at the same time coming home.” As hosts it is very gratifying to experience passersby stopping for a meal and end up as regular customers. And we meet them again at all times throughout the year, and we notice that our house becomes a place were also their families and friends come to visit. Some enjoy quiet strolls in the library, while others want to go rafting in Sjoa. The recommendations they give Grønolen Fjellgard make us proud.

We have more than 50 years experience in the service of hospitality. We hope that you will also come visit us. Welcome!