Europa Wanderhotels

Europe Wander hotels is a voluntary co-operation consisting of over 70 nature- friendly family hotels in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Norway. The hotels must be seated in well known mountain areas. That way Norway’s best known mountain areas such as Rondane, Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda has been placed on the map. Grønolen Fjellgard has been a member since 2007.

To qualify for membership the hotels have certain requirements to fulfil, based on the well established standards of Europe Wander hotels. This makes it easier to find your way through the mountain areas of Norway, in the same way as for a Norwegian planning a mountain tour through the Alps.

There are many ways of enjoying a mountain tour. You might prefer Walking & Well-being, Walking with the children, Hiking for singles and people travelling alone or other, more challenging mountain tours. We offer mountain experiences ranging from easy to closing on extreme, so everyone in love with nature and the mountains should be able to find something suitable.

Our hotel hosts, who also love mountain touring, organize the best mountain hikes in every country included in the co-operation. Hardly any other sports activity offers the same level of recreation and being one with nature as that of hiking. When walking, your head clears up, your inner contentment increases and you contribute to the health of your body in the best of ways.

10 guarantees of quality

When it comes to great nature and mountain experiences, we in Europe Wander Hotels Norway are real experts! Our people spend 24 hours a day in the mountains, and work hard to keep a high standard on our tours.

The 10 guarantees of quality promise the very best treatment at the hotel as well as out in the mountains. .

1. Accommodation in beautiful scenery

The family owned hotel is situated in some of most stunning scenery in Europe.

2. Vacation for trained hikers

We offer you competent partners for your mountain experiences. We personally appreciate hiking, and invite you to join us.

3. Programs for walking and touring

Every week we accompany you on mountain tours filled with experience and nature culture. Both we and our guides are well educated in mountain tour guiding. Information on cancellations will be given at the hotel in good time.

4. Lending out professional equipment

You may borrow rucksack, walking sticks and thermos flasks for free.

5. ”Informatory library of walking”

In our library you will find tour maps, nature guides, books on plants, culture guides and road maps.

6. Walking and Vital shop

We sell rucksacks, telescopic walking sticks, drinking bottles, foot balm and skin lotion.

7. ”Going for a walk” taxi and tour bus

We bring you to and pick you up from the station for tours or sightseeing, according to current conditions. We can also arrange for a mini bus.

8. Relaxation and recreation

After a day of trekking you may enjoy a massage or the pleasures of our bathhouse, our wellness area or the swimming pool.

9. Healthy, delicious meals

Indulge yourself in regional culinary delicacies, healthy nutritious meals and vegetarian specialities.

10. Environment and nature friendly

We live in and of the nature and act accordingly.