Hiking equipment

  • Rucksack with water-proof cover
  • Water-proof, outer clothing suited for trekking, sweater, fleece jacket, water-proof gloves and proper socks.
  • 2 sets of long underwear (wool)
  • Shorts, swimming-clothes, towel
  • Mountain boots made of Gore-Tex material with fitted sole, light sporting shoes
  • Protection from the sun (cap, sun glasses, highly protective tan cream), rain (light rain jacket and rain trousers) and cold (knitted hat, headband, scarf, cold cream)
  • Water bottle, preferably 1 litre
  • Chocolate, vitamins
  • Multiple-use knife or pocket knife
  • Basic and personal medication, first aid kit
  • Telescopic walking stick
  • Personal equipment such as camera, mobile phone, binoculars, map 1:50 000 including route descriptions, compass, GPS, flashlight, waste bag.