Hiking suggestiones

Heading for Gråhø¸, 1779 meters above sea level

We go by car alongside Vinstervatn, passing Haugseter. We follow Liabekken up a comfortable and even climb, stopping every now and again to enjoy the beautiful view of the water and quaint clusters of farms. As we reach the ridge, we continue in a calm pace inwards Steinflye, past Liatjednet, before we start the ascent towards the summit. On our way there we pass a system of glutton traps telling tales of mountain life of times long gone. On the top an amazing view to all sides awaits us. To the north lies Jotunheimen, to the south, Huldreheimen. To the east we can see all the way to Rondane. Our descend goes through Kvednhø, and Mælmkøllen.

Duration: 5 hours

No summit we have to climb

Leirungsdalen is known as the most beautiful valley in Jotunheimen. We set out from Heimdalsmunnen and cross over Raudhamrane before continuing on in to the heart of Leirungsdalen. On getting there, several streams need to be crossed. The amount of recent down-pour determines the level of excitement. On our way through the valley we pass ”Tyskerplassen” (the German site); camping site for the Germans during last world war. Our final destination is Leirungsbreen at the head of the valley. Leirungsdalen is surrounded by 16 summits reaching over 2000 meters. An amazing walk in the wild.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Bygdin – Synshorn – Fagerdalshø

We drive up to Bygdin and drop by Synshorn and Fagerdalshø¸ for inspiration. Up the hills towards Fagerdalen we go. A drop or two of sweat can only be expected. We then take a turn towards the summit of Synshorn, where a fantastic view all around offers us the sights of Store Nuten, the familiar Gråhø¸ and Vinstervatnet where our mountain farm at Lykkjestølane is located. Bitihorn and the back of Skyrifjell are also visible from here, as well as the Bygdin ridge towards Torfinnstind, Rasletind and all the other grand summits of the area. We then follow Fagerdalshø¸ for a while before heading towards ystre Fagerdalstjednet. After walking”Tyskerstigen” (The German ascent) and passing Rjupetjednet, we head down to the mountain farm in a free and easy manner. There, a traditional meal of sour cream porridge and cured meat is waiting for us. The afternoon is spent to your own liking, whether this means shopping at Beitostølen or a hike in the mountains.

Duration: 4 hours


This might be Norways most famous mountain tour. Some of you may have been there before, but a great mountain route can never be walked too many times, every time will offer new experiences. To reach the ferry across Gjende in good time, we start off with an early breakfast. One of the many sights on our way there is ”Jo-stigen” (Jo’s ascent); the route of ascent that the legendary Jo Gjende climbed when he was going out hunting. This ascent is only for the truly advanced. Our route is somewhat easier than his, even thought it might not feel that way when climbing the hillside from Memurubu. Once we reach the ridge we will experience some down-hills, some up-hills, always with the same amazing view. After a well-earned lunch at ”Bandet” between Bessvann and Gjende, the real task awaits us: Besseggen. Many have turned around, many have cried their way up, many have crawled up panic-stricken and sworn they will never come back. But then again, many have walked up and said they don’t understand what the others are complaining about.

Hardly anywhere else will you experience to be confronted with yourself like you will right here. That is why we are there with you, in case you need some support and encouragement. In the end, one thing is guaranteed: the joy and exhilaration when reaching the top and drinking in the incredible sight of the blue Bessvann and the green Gjende, the mountain tops and glaziers, is the same for everyone. We continue across Veslefjell before challenging our knees descending back down to Gjendesheim.

Duration: 6-7 hours

Bukkehamaren, 1910 meters above sea level

We start out from the view point by Vargbakkane and head towardsKnutshø, before changing direction and crossing the bridge over Leirungsåa. From there begins our climb alongside the stream from Bukkehamartjednet. Further on we cross the stream and walk the ridge towards Bukkehamaren. We have then been walking for approx. 3,5 hours and now find ourselves 900 meters higher up from where we started. Upon reaching the summit we are greeted by an amazing view of Kvassryggen and Høgdebrotet, not to mention the green-covered Gjende, Besseggen and Knutshø.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Rasletind, 2105 meters above sea level

We start out from Valdresflya Vandrerhjem and walk Valdresfly in wards before starting the ascend towards Raslet and then through Steindalen. Some climbing is needed to reach Rasletind, most accessible of all the 2000 meter summits.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Bitihorn, 1607 meters above sea level

This route takes us up to Bitihorn and a slightly easier trip. We still walk up to Bitihorn, except this time we use ”tyskerstigen” on the eastern side. We follow a shelf wrapping itself around the mountain, before heading up to the top where we find the stunning view over Valdres to the south and Bygdin and Jotunheimen to the north.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Tjørnholstind, 2330 meters above waterline

We walk across Raudhamrane and down to Leirungsåa. We wade then across before heading up again towards Tjørnholstind. Before reaching our goal we leave 1200 meters of altitude behind. This magnificent tour will cost you sweat and toil, but in return you will be awarded with an amazing view.

Duration: Approx. 10 hours

Our recently discovered route far from the beaten track

We walk up to Sendebøtthødnet. We drive towards Slettefjellveggen, but upon reaching Fleinsenden we head forOlø. The car is left by Åtjednstølen. We start off at a calm pace and follow the old construction road towards Sendebøtten before breaking off. We then conquer Vesle (small) Sendebøtthødnet before getting started with the big one. Once we reach the ridge we experience a constant, striking view towards the series of peaks of Jotuheimen, with Torfinnstindane as the nearest neighbour. We enjoy our lunch-pack here while admiring the scenery. We follow the ridge to the end. From there we return throughSendebøtten alongside Sendebøttvatna until we reach the dam. Finally, we walk down the waterfall gorge until we return to Åtjednstølen.

Duration: 5 hours


The mountain ridge named Knutshø is situated between Gjende and Leirungen. After driving past Valdresflya, we leave the car by Vargbakkan and start walking from there. The hill-side is quite steep and exposed, but the view down to both of Leirungsvatnene definitely makes it worth our while. The sheer mountain wall heading up to the main summit, 1517 meters above sea level, may seem somewhat awe-inspiring at first, but as we come closer it is not so bad after all. No few people prefer this tour to the Besseggen your, as they find it more pleasing to the eye as well as having more variation. It is said, that when Henrik Ibsen wrote the passage of The Buck ride in Peer Gynt, Knutshøi was the ridge he was thinking of.

Duration: 5-6 hours

ygdin – Fagerdalen – Kongsliknuppen

We start out at Bygdin and head towards Fagerdalen like usual, but instead of going up Sunshorn, we now climb Kongsliknuppen. This is steep going, so count on getting your blood pumping! The view over Bygdin is our reward. We continue on to the west facing the fantastic view until we reach the beautifully situated Bygdisheim, a hotel no longer in use. We follow the road back to the car for a 5 minute drive to the mountain farm, where sour cream porridge awaits us.

Duration: 3 hours

Monday: Trip to Mugnetind, 1750 meters above sea level

This outing we hold in high regard, both because it is a fantastic experience and because it is such a great way of starting out.

First we go by car to Mugnestølen where we follow the careful climb of the river Mugna. The scenery is idyllic and the climb just easy enough for us to determine what shape you all are in. We stop for a break by Mugnebøtt-tjednet before getting started on the somewhat more challenging accent towards the top. To add some excitement we even get to try some slight climbing.

Once we reach the mountain plateau we are greeted by a panorama view that will leave you speechless, definitely worth every drop of sweat coming up. From up here Jotunheimen is open to you, and you will see sights like Torfinnstind and Svartdalen. To the west lies Falketind, Uranostind and Hurrungane, and Valdres will be stretched out before you for as long as your eyes can see. On descending we choose a different route so as to make a round of it. When we reach the car, dipping your feet in the refreshing water of Mugna is strongly recommended.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Tuesday: Skyrifjellet approx. 1542 meters above sea level

We set out just after breakfast and go by car up to Båtskaret just at the bottom of Bitihorn. We head up the front side of the mountain and get our blood pumping immediately. Closing in on the peak, we turn left and continue along a mountain shelf towards Velumskaret to look at a couple of old glutton traps.

Then up again we go, to follow the ridge of Skyrifjellet all way round. The view is breathtaking all the way, first over Valdresdalføret later towards Slettefjell, Fleinsenden, Mugnetind, Oløvatn and finally Bygdin with Torfinnstind and the other mountain tops of Jotunheimen. On our way down we head for Raufjorden before following the track from Yksndalsbu back to ”Sameleiren” (the Lapp camp) at the bottom of Bitihorn.

Duration: 6 hours