Grønolen at the doorstep of Jotunheimen

26 of Norway’s highest peaks dwell in this region. In close proximity of Grønolen you will find the wonders of we call Besseggen, Gjende and Bygdin. Spring, summer and autumn are great for hiking, walking through ravines, rafting and rock climbing among the tall peaks in the land of Peer Gynt. Gaze across the mountain lake Øyangen and experience some of the magic and magnificent mountain scenery the area has to offer. When winter comes you change your shoes for skis and glide your way through the snow-covered scenery.

The possibilities are countless.

The mountain terrain

At Besseggen, Gjende and Bygdin you find yourself in the highest situated mountain area in Norway. Join Tor Erik Grønolen for a walk in the mountains, and you are well taken care of, whether you choose dipping your toes in the river Mugna just before getting back to the car or walking up to Knutshøi to look down at Besseggen.

It is said that when Henrik Ibsen wrote the passage of The Buck ride in Peer Gynt, Knutshøi was the ridge he was thinking of. Synshorn, Fagerdalshø and Rasletind are also optional mountain touring routes. The more advanced hiker might head for Kalvehøgdmassivet, Torfinnstind and Store Knutsholstind. This is where you find 10- 12 hours of walking a day. You need to be fit and well trained before going for a walk like that.

In winter, the whole net of cross country skiing tracks at Beitostølen will also be at your feet.

Renewed energy from the peaks

-Seeing someone’s face light up after conquering one mountain top after the other is such a joy, says Tor Erik and Øyvind Grønolen. In daytime they display to their guests the most stunning wonders of nature that Valdres can offer, in the evening they serve them a great meal with a glass of wine on the side.

When our guests leave us they feel rested and rejuvenated, but not from being lazy, Tor Erik tells us, while gazing up at the peaks towering over Beitostølen. Him and his brother Øyvind guide their guests through the mountain wilds, and rid them of tiredness and stress by leading them across trickling waters, trough heavy heather and up steep mountain slopes.

Sour cream porridge picnic

The Grønolen brothers offer two different six-day tours showing you beautiful places to see in the mountains, as well as three-day stays with tours. -Walking the queue across Besseggen is far from the only option. We arrange walks for those looking to avoid the busiest tracks, and still feeling safe. We take our guests some way off the beaten track, but I assure you it is no play with death even so, Tor Erik tells us with a smile; the tours are free of any breakneck manoeuvres. The mountain tourists will be given plenty of time to stop for a breather, enjoy the surroundings and rest their eyes on the view. Grønolen Fjellgard also includes a mountain farm by Vinstervannet, where the guests are served traditional delicacies like sour cream porridge and cured meat.

Waterfall showers

The popular Besseggen is a natural goal for any mountain climbing tourists, but the two Grønolen brothers also bring their guests up to less frequently visited tops like Mugnetinden, Knutshø¸ and Rasletind (2105 meters above sea level) situated at the top of Jotunheimen. The visitors may join them to Synshorn and Fagerdalshøi by the idyllic lake named Bygdin. They get to explore Bitihorn and go for a long walk to Gråhø¸ north from Vinstervatnet. We also offer other activities between walks. You can go out in a boat on Bygdin, go fishing in Raudøla or go rafting in Sjoa. Many guests have also tried the waterfall showers in Kalvedalen. -Once you get a taste of life in the mountains, you tend to want more, Øyvind tells us.

Hikes for everyone

For the Grønolen brothers it is important that their mountain tours are suitable for everyone from families with small children to businessmen and retired pensioners. -You don’t need to be in tip top shape for a tour in the mountains. This kind of activity is well suited anyone with average fitness, but your blood should still start pumping at least a little. Families with small children have often told us how pleased they have been with their stay here. Children need to experience the mountains and learn how to appreciate nature, Tor Erik tells us. -We also offer custom made programs for groups, just let us know, Øyvind adds, promising they should be able to arrange just about anything.