At Beitotølen, cyclists of all categories can enjoy their hobby. The downhill cyclists find excitement in the Beito Bike Park – with a mini bike park for the little ones. Cycle trips There are several routes for those who enjoy cycle trips on suitable paths. There are three marked paths of different length. You will […]


The Beitostølen Summer Park is situated at the foot of the ski slopes in Beitostølen centre. Here you can find activities for the whole family all summer long. In the Summer Park, you can find The Gyro trampoline: The enormous Gyro trampoline is placed at the end of the ski slope. Here, children of all […]


At Beito/Beitostølen, there are a lot of possibilities for horseback riding for the whole family. The little ones and the rookies can try short rounds in and aroud the Liastølen in the centre of Beitostølen. The more experienced can try everything from weekend trips to week long trips in the beautiful mountainous landskape by and […]


Grønolen Fjellgaard is nicely situated at the gate of Jotunheimen, and that opens a range of possibilities for outdoor experiences such gorge crossing, rafting, climbing, hiking, fishing – and cycling – to mention a couple. The Beitostølen Summer Park offers breakneck activities for the whole family. Here you can fin Beitostølen car racing track, summer […]


Food traditions, folk music, churches, farms, mountain pastures, rock festivales, art, literature, sights and cinema – culture creates the contents of the Valdres. Read more:




Beitostølen is situated in Øystre Slidre, a municipality with many fishing waters. You can read more about leisure fishing here, both fishing in the “statsallmenning” and private fishing waters in the area. Only in the “statsallmenning” there are 80 fishing waters and 100 kilometres (62 miles) of rivers and brooks. All wasters have trout, some […]

Children in summer

If the children are happy, the whole family is happy. And Beitostølen is the children’s paradise. Go exploring in nature, experience the Troll course, golf billiards, open farm, the Mini Bike Park, the giant trampoline, the play room, cartoons and many other cool activities. At Grønolen Fjellgard, the kids can play freely.In the summer, there […]


Beitostølen wants to be the best at providing activities for the whole family – all year long. In addition, the Beitostølen Aktiv and Skiing School offers various activities to groups and firms and is the main provider of most of our activities. The Beitostølen Aktiv and Skiing School is situated in the shopping centre at […]