Children in summer

If the children are happy, the whole family is happy. And Beitostølen is the children’s paradise. Go exploring in nature, experience the Troll course, golf billiards, open farm, the Mini Bike Park, the giant trampoline, the play room, cartoons and many other cool activities. At Grønolen Fjellgard, the kids can play freely.In the summer, there is a set weekly program, and during the autumn holiday there are extra many avtiviteies for the little ones.


Beitostølen car racing track:

The perfect “Olabil” in a curvy, tarred road down the slopes. The speed is high, the curves are too close and your driving skills are put to the test. Do you have the right combination of technique and boldness to become the fastest? The digital clock by the finish line does not lie.

Opening hours (2007):

26.05 – 30.06 Saturdays 12-18

01.07 – 11.08 All days 12-18

12.08 – 14.10 Saturdays 12-18. Sundays 12-15

Age limit 12 years / 150 cm height


Øystre Slidre has a number of fishing waters for leisure fishing in the “statsallmenning”, in addition to many private fishing waters.

Everyone has to buy a fishing card before starting fishing, but as most who are interested in fishing knows, persons under the age of 20 can get their fishings card for free.

The Gyro trampoline:

Kjempetrampoline i sentrum av Beitostølen.

The enormous Gyro trampoline is placed at the end of the ski slope. Here, children of all ages can play safely.

Dog team mushing:

Now, the whole family can experiece dog team mushing in the summer. It is a unique way of experiencing the Beitostølen’s and the Jotunheimen’s spectacular nature, behind eager and strong huskies.

Horse back riding:

During the summer vacation, we offer horse bace riding both to adults and children in the centre of Beitostølen. The horses are ready every day from 01.07 until 12.08. Book at 915 20 232.


Open farm

Animals are the main ingredients of a summer in the mountain pastures. At the “Open farm” in the middle of the centre of Beitostølen, vis-à-vis the Beitostølen Apartment Hotel, the children can visit horses, pigs, lamas and a lot of other four legged friends.

In the period 01.07–12.08 we serve simple, traditional food from 12:00 to 16:00. Free entrance.

Beitostølen bobrink:

In the Beitostølen summer bobsleigh, everyone can compete in their own bobsleigh on wheels in the double track.

Lean over in the curves and intake your most aerodynamic attitude. Fun for the whole family.

Children under the age of 10 need to be accompanied by an adult in the lift.

Children from the age of 10 can ride their own bobsleigh. Children aged 3-7 have to sit on the lap of an adult.

Opening hours (2007):

01.07–11.08: All days 12–15

12.08-14.10: Saturdays 12 –18. Sundays 12-15


The Beitostølen offers several swimming pools for the enire family.

Fixed children’s programme

Autumn holiday:

During the autumn holiday, there are extra many activities for the little ones. There is also a programme for those between 6 and 12 years. Here, you can participate one or several days.


Fixed programme for the periode 25.06–19.08.

During this periode, there is a programme with activities for the whole family every day. The activites will be carried out regardless of the number of contestants, and you can simply show up at the right place at the right time – no booking.

Children’s areas:

When it is the kids’ time to have fun, there are particularly two areas of the Beitostølen that are worth a visit. Open farm with the animals, horse back riding and the miniatyre excavator, and the Beitostølen Summer Park by the lifts, where you find everything from the sand box for the little ones to the giant trampoline, the mini bike park, a summer sledge track and a car racing track for older kids.

Go to the overview of activities in the children’s areac etc. here.