The Beitostølen Summer Park is situated at the foot of the ski slopes in Beitostølen centre. Here you can find activities for the whole family all summer long.

In the Summer Park, you can find

The Gyro trampoline:

The enormous Gyro trampoline is placed at the end of the ski slope. Here, children of all ages can play safely.

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The Beitostølen Bike Park:

In the lift area of the Beitostølen Summer Park, you can also find the Beitostølen Bike Park with a forest track packed with jumps and fences and other challenges for downhill cyclists.

You can transport your bicycles by the chair lift, which is situated in the middle if the park. Instruction/training is avaliable for periods of the day for those who rent equipment. Helmet and other protective equipment are mandatory.

More information about cycling and renting equipment:

The Mini Bike Park:

Tracks for freeride/downhill cycling for those between 6–10 years. The Intersport Mini Bike Park is designed to resemble the adult forest track. The track contains north-shore, jumps and other challenges adjusted to the age group and difficulty level.

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Our goal is that the whole family shall have a good time at the Summer Park. That is why we have a sandbox for the little ones.

The sandbox is placed just by the Gyro trampoline, the Mini Bike Park and the finish line for the car racing track, so that guardians easily can keep an eye on the little ones as they enjoy the rest of the activities in the park.

Chair lift:

The chair lift is a great start out point for hiking.

The lift has three seats and is situated in the middle of the Beitostølen Summer Park in the centre of Beitostølen. The lift is convenient both for cycling, hiking or if you simple want to check out the view.

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The dream of the home made “Olabil” (small car) at Beitostølen car racing track:

The perfect “Olabil” in a curvy, tarred road down the slopes. The speed is high, the curves are too close and your driving skills are put to the test. Do you have the right combination of technique and boldness to win? The digital clock by the finish line does not lie.

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The Beitostølen bobrink.

In the Beitostølen summer bobsleigh, everyone can compete in their own bobsleigh on wheels in the double track.

Lean over in the curves and intake your most aerodynamic attitude. Fun for the whole family.

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