Children in winter

At Beitostølen we make it possible for the children to have a safe environment to play and enjoy themselves in, as well as provide the means for them to experience amazing nature. There is always something going on at Beitostølen. We take pride in offering activities suited for the whole family. As a result of that, the children are given a special range of choices.

To mention some of our popular activities suited for younger or older children we have dog-sledge riding, children’s snow scooters, swimming, sledge riding, costume ski race and family ski race, snow rafting and every different kind of skiing. They can practice their skills at the children’s park Groll & Grull, at the ski school, at the children’s play world Bergo-jordet and in the slope for children with its own separate lift at the skiing centre.

Looking after the children:

At Beitostølen the children we can look after your children for a while, giving you the option of some alone-time.

Barneklubben Groll & Grull (The children’s club), Barnas Skiskole (the children’s ski school) or full babysitting- solutions are different ways of giving the children some time off from their parents.

For full babysitting solutions, information, prices and booking, contact Beitostølen Aktiv og Skiskole.

Tlf. 61 34 13 60

Slope for children in the Ski Centre:

Let the youngsters enjoy themselves in the slope for children in the Ski Centre.

The Children’s Club Groll & Grull:

The Children’s Club Groll & Grull has a set program every week throughout the whole winter. Groll & Grull is the children’s playground in the snow. We bring children out to play and explore the secret fairytale- world of winter.

We stay in the area surrounding mountain pasture just opposite Beitostølen apartment hotel, where we make use of the snow as our playground. All our time is spent outdoors, so comfortable and warm clothing is required. The children must be capable of spending two hours away from their parents and be self-sufficient in the bathroom.

Age groups:

3-6 years of age

7-12 years of age

There must be a minimum of 3 participants, the registration is made at the skiing school, tlf 61 34 13 60 or tlf 61 35 10 00, ask for Tove Sallander.


Until 2 hours – 1 day/kr. 345.-

2 days/kr.455.-

3 days/kr.565.-

4 days/kr.665.-

Ski school for children:

At Beitostølen Ski School we offer tutoring in all disciplines and level of difficulty.

The youngest are taught through playing, and they have fun while learning from their very first turn.

The Children’s land of sledging:

Across from Beitostølen Apartment Hotel you will find Stølen; the children’s land of sledging.