Cross country

Could you possibly imagine anything more satisfying than gliding through a chalk-white winter scenery under a sparkling blue sky? At Beitostølen, the well prepared tracks stretch 320 km in to the magnificent nature of Jotunheimen.

The net of tracks is designed to fit different length and fitness. Maybe you prefer passing through the woodlands, or you can get on the Ola-Express up to the bare mountain tracks.

Or how about finishing a day spent in the alpine slopes with a calm skiing trip? Our lighted tracks are open until 10 pm.

Daily update on the tracks


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Keep up with the preparing of tracks with GPS

Here you can follow the preparation ”live”, to see which tracks are being prepared and when. The tracks will usually be prepared and ready at 09.30 am.

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Interactive ski map

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The biathlon arena

An international biathlon arena with 30 targets and a 50 meter long course is also found here in connection to the World Cup cross country skiing tracks. The arena is continuously under development.

The biathlon World Cup

At Beitostølen we arrange the biathlon World Cup on a regular basis, organized by Øystre Slidre IL in close cooperation with agents of tourism at Beito/Beitostølen.

The World Cup arena

The World Cup cross country skiing arena in Beitostølen is said to be one of the best in Norway, and has also received international acknowledgement. The arenas are located in walking distance from the centre, and the tracks are open to the public all days, except for when races or training arrangements are being held.

The area also includes a looped cross country track of 5 km with lights, kept open until 10 pm.

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