Go slippery sliding down the sledging slope! Sledging is a great experience for the whole family. We make sure everything is ready for lots of fast fun.

You can rent toboggans of all sizes and take the lift up to the top. You can go by yourself, or several together. You don’t have to bee childish to have fun on the sledge hill, but it sure helps!

We arrange sledging every Monday! Sledges fit for the sledging lift can be rented at Beitostølen Ski Centre. Here you can also rent a SMX snow bike.

Sledge- renting prizes:

60 NOK/ 1 hour, 70 NOK/ 2 hours. Lift pass is additional.

Toboggans and sledges for children can also be rented at Knutsstøl ski rental. From 60 NOK a day and 110 NOK for six days. Prices may vary.