Snowshoe walking – a new and upcoming trend

Using snowshoes is an ancient way of winter travelling. Using modern snowshoes, this is becoming a new trend. Snowshoes provide everyone with a way of experiencing nature in the winter season with relatively simple means and without special skills or training. Going for a walk with snowshoes offers a fun and different experience, far away from the tracks and slopes.

Make your way in to the untouched winter scenery offering you amazing views, powdery snow and complete silence. With snowshoes on your feet you might not climb the highest summits, but you just might experience the best nature moments.

Some of the advantages:

1. If you can walk, you can use snowshoes.

This sport does not require any special skills. The ”risks” are the same as when walking.

2. Equipment

When using snowshoes, all you need is waterproof mountain boots, winter boots or tracking shoes. Strap your snowshoes on, grab one ski pole in each hand – and off you go. Choose clothing as if going skiing or walking wintertime.

3. Winter wonderland

Hardly any other activity will take you closer to nature and let you experience winter and snow-covered mountains like this will. Sharing the experience with friends will only add to the pleasure.

4. No competition

When on snowshoes you are not competing with anyone but yourself. This is not about being the first person up or down a hill. On snowshoes, everyone is equal. The human fear of standing out in a negative way is as good as gone with the wind. In its place, you will be left with great memories.

5. Expenses

When you have provided yourself with the necessary clothing, which can be worn to any other outdoors- activities as well, the only expense left is paying for the snowshoes. Whether buying or renting, you will most likely not be left with an empty purse.