On skis through winter paradise

With all its variety and possibilities, Valdres is a true eldorado for ski enthusiasts.

From just outside your door the tracks lead you straight in to the snow-covered scenery. The most challenging alpine slope in the area are situated in Raudalen, 1 km from Grønolen Fjellgard.

Beitostølen also offer you a variety of slopes with lifts, ski schools and tracks of any kind to take you in to the welcoming winter scenery,

through the woodlands, across the open plains and up to the mountains. For the children, Beito is like a world of fairy-tales.

If it is the more challenging, break necking activities you are after, you might want to try climbing a mountain top, sleighing with dogs, walking on glaziers or spending the night in a snow cave.

When evening comes, you can snuggle under a fur rug and go horse sleighing with torches and jingling bells.

Making yourself feel at home comes easy when you visit Beito.

We welcome you to the mountain village of Beitostølen – 900 meters above sea level

The intimate atmosphere at Beitoslølen, combined with the close proximity of the lifts, ski tracks and accommodation, has made Beitostølen a favourite for many families. The altitude of 900 meters above sea level, and Jotunheimen being the next door neighbour, guarantees early snow each year at Beitostølen as well as a skiing season lasting to the end of April.

We have everything from 2 big alpine skiing facilities an express chairlift with six seats, sleigh- riding, mogul skiing, to off-piste options and over 320 km of great tracks for cross-country skiing of any kind.

The skiing area stretches from the centre of Beitostølen up to 1.100 meters above sea level at Søndre Knaushøgdi.

Your ski-pass is valid both sides of the valley.

At Beitostølen we strive to be number one in offering activities for the whole family – all year around.

That makes Beitostølen not only somewhere guaranteed to have snow, but also a place packed with outdoor-experiences, games, great atmosphere and plenty of fun.

We are renowned for our variety in family slopes, both down hill and for snowboard. The Skiing Centre located in the town centre is perfect for families, the ones seeking bigger challenges head to the Alpine Centre of Raudalen. Your lift pass is of course valid in both of our skiing areas. The ski-shuttle goes back and forth between them several times a day.